Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nunamoochie Anya handwoven wrap review and...

Is Nunamoochie ringing a bell? I reviewed their beautiful handwoven Retro back in February (when it was balmy and warm) and Anya has come to hang out right in the middle of our cold snap. (A giveaway is coming soon too... Follow closely on Facebook!)
The colors - glorious pink, glowing orange and sunny yellow - are cheerful enough to banish any winter despondency and even charmed a smile from my little red riding hood.

This had a single wash before we took it out for a spin and oh my, it was already soft and tee-shirty. This feels a little lighter and fluffier in hand than Retro but has the same luscious drape and very fine weave that makes Retro a favorite around here (yes, even with a big kid!)

Obviously this will be divine with a little baby, and I admit to trying it out with my little 4kg demo doll just to feel how nicely it tightened and slid strand by strand. It was great in a double hammock. Sleek, pleats nicely and easy to tighten. Not as flat in hand as Retro, more fluffy like a Girasol, but no sag after 45 minutes of running random errands around the shops.

Turns out it has a fair bit of sleepy dust, too. The famous last words "But I'm not tired!" were heard loudly and assertively... and then I took this photo. 

Let's talk price. $149USD for a size 6 is a supremely sweet deal for this fine grained handwoven and I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed in wrapping qualities. Passes slide easily, strand by strand tightening is a breeze - this is champagne on a pretty beer (for handwoven!) budget. Where can you get one? If you're an Aussie or a NZ'er, Angelrock Baby is your go-to; everyone else should head over HERE...

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