Friday, July 3, 2015

Sensimo Slings

A couple weeks ago we headed up to the Dandenongs to take photos. Michael, Audrey, me, a demo doll and a laundry basket of wraps. Mel Muller met us and worked SO hard to get some beautiful photos, and we got to play with a whole bunch of glorious, glowing wraps in iridescent tones. 

Tone Emozio is a 100% cotton with a crazily gorgeous color grad which is thick and plush. Weighing in at around 270 gsm, this shone in a reinforced ruck with knotless finish as I toted Audrey's 15kg/34lbs around some scenic walks and y'know, gazed lovingly at one another. 

This has a nice amount of cush and take a bit of careful tightening to get the bulk nicely distributed, but the effort is well worth it - passes stick like velcro and stay put without sagging. 
Yes it rocks a FWCC without the slightest hint of dig, and a week on the weave is starting to loosen up a lot more. Strand by strand tightening still isn't easy, but wow it is SNUG! 

I feel we should all marvel at the sloppiness of this double hammock. Because it WAS marvellously untidy and slapdash... and yet we stomped around happily and even went op-shop trawling (my favourite pastime) before heading home for a nap. Sag is not in Tone Emozio's vocabulary. 

I was starting to think this was a big-kid wrap, but loving and snuggling has broken the beast and made it cuddly and malleable, like a lisca that handles weight really well. You can see how nicely it's pleating and moving. It's never going to be a thin wrap, but there needs to be a lush beauty in every stash, right? 

Yeah... I'll just leave this here, shall I?


  1. This is awesome! I have a toddler and this wrap is beautiful. I hope I can afford to get one soon! Thanks for the review :)

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