Sunday, September 22, 2013

Natibaby UFO giveaway!

Mmmm delicious and spacey - this is amazing. This beautiful Natibaby shortie is 60/40 bamboo/linen and feels so deliciously squishy and cushy with an undeniably sturdy linen backbone. It rocks as a no-sew ring sling and makes a brilliant rebozo/ruck wrap - easy on the shoulders, spectacular on support. PLUS it's (obviously) damn cute. Baby Mumma has provided me with this lovely Natibaby jacquard (it's her exclusive design!) and if you want one, all you have to do is click HERE - tooooooo easy!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review - Easycare WCRS/wrap conversion ring sling - Rainbow no.1

This beloved ring sling came to me from a babywearing friend in the USA; she's a rockabilly hipster with a great attitude and two gorgeous girls and we've had many of the same wraps pass through our stashes, so it's kind of fitting that I have a little piece of her stash here permanently with me :)

Easycare wraps really are just that. Durable, densely woven and difficult to snag, they fold up small and  once broken in are flannelly and delicious. This is a no.1 rainbow (orange weft) and sometimes I wish I had it as a wrap as well as a ring sling. Then I tell myself I don't need ALL the rainbows... I just think I do!

As with any ring sling, your comfort depends on the shoulder style as well as the carry. This is a sbp (sleeping baby productions) pleated shoulder which I love, as it spreads the weight evenly across my bony shoulder. It's also symmetrical, so you can carry on the right or left.

Why do you need a ring sling?
They're quick. Actually, putting Audrey in a ring sling takes me about the same time as a ruck, but a front carry has the huge advantage of being able to breastfeed on the go. I actually find it easier to feed in a ring sling than in a wrap, probably because I have a short torso - I can scooch her down and back up up again without losing stability or security.
Most often we use a ring sling hip carry in the morning, when I'm cooking breakfast and she wants to see what's going on. I can put her on my left hip and scramble eggs on the right ;)
They're also a winner in hot weather when you only want one layer of fabric over baby - and EATING OUT! Lap belt anyone? (VERY handy, especially for grabbers, wigglers and toddlers.)

Who's it best for?
I didn't really get the hang of using a RS until Audrey was about 4 months and 8-9lbs. I think that was general awkwardness on my part and being afraid to crush her - next time I think I'd have (a) better skills and (b) not be so nervy! If you have a sturdy enough fabric a good RS should see you through toddlerhood, although you should be careful not to always carry to one side and not to carry asymmetrically for long periods of time. The simple answer is that although you CAN use a ring sling at every stage of a baby's development, you may want to practice and should use your common sense in conjunction with the TICKS guidelines.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Um, it's kinda cool when you can get bespoke stuff designed. Even better when you can give it away! If you want this Foxie MCN, CLICK HERE and knock yourself out!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

No unicorns, just rainbows :)

Small has a new fixation: feeding me mandarin segments. If only I could get her to peel all the pith off first...

This is the new mini rainbow easycare and it's a lot softer and friendlier than Prism after just one wash. We had a nappy-free accident of the very wet kind on our lengthy walk, so it's just had a second bath. Loved it in a double hammock; very supportive and still grippy-new. It's going to be magic when broken in properly.

Just Breastfeed in private? Just take no for an answer.

She says it well. "Bothering" someone is simply not an adequate reason to hide.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The winner is...

Shannon Davis, entrant number 95! 
I have packaged up lewlewbelle (with a few sniffles, faeries is such a lovely wrap!) and she will be making her way across the ocean to Iowa shortly :)  lucky we have Pavo to console us even on the rainy days ;) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Last chance...

If you'd like a limited edition Lewlewbelle "Faeries" wrap you need to buzz yourself over HERE and comment to enter... TWELVE hours left. That's all, folks!