Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to babywear in the cold. Even the very cold.

The first year of our wearing, I was resourceful.

 There have been shawls, oversize hoodies, more layers for everyone...

And then I discovered the wonderful world of babywearing coats. Oh hallelujah. I'm warm. She's toasty. I can do up the zip and she fits on my front OR my back. Bliss. 

We have acquired a Momawo coat and it is magnificent. Water resistant, fleecy nside and easy to switch the panel from the back or the front as needed for carries.

 It has sleek zip-closure pockets, a detachable hood, and elastic toggle cords to ensure a snug fit around baby's top and bottom. It's such a good cut that when Audrey's abandoned the mother ship I've just stuffed the extra panel in my bag and gone about my business in a coat that's now for one.  

Here are the downsides: Husband is now pestering me for one, and every time I pick Audrey up she tries to climb inside my jacket (ok, this just happened the other night, but it was pretty darn adorable). 

If you're an indoor-only babywearer then this isn't necessary; if you're an all-terrain family that finds yourself outside all year round, a proper babywearing jacket is definitely worth buying. At nearly two, Audrey is comfortably contained and has room to grow; I don't waste so much time on layering clothing, and we're both much more comfortable in a garment that tapers to all the right places! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Review and GIVEAWAY - ERGOBABY Ventus

Hallo there easy-to-use buckle carrier!

The Ergo has long been beloved of families looking for a one-size-fits-all solution to Babywearing. Often it can be the single carrier you need from 5months to toddlerhood- and doesn't require any ninja fabric skills! 

Ergo sent me one of their new Ventus carriers to take for a spin. With an ergonomic design and wide base, this carrier provided good support for my petite 20mo's hips and thighs and was very easy to cinch down onto my 5'6" size 10 frame.
 The straps are lightly padded and apleasant width; it's easily adjustable and a really intuitive ssc as far as making those adjustments. 

This model is designed specifically for warm-weather use, and I think it'd be great in an Australian summer. It feels much sleeker and less bulky than an original Ergo, and will appeal to the family wanting a carrier that can be worn by everyone and go with everything. 
I love that this carrier is simple enough that in ten minutes you could take a parent from minimal/no knowledge to being a confident user, while keeping their small person in a good and ergonomically correct position. 

Sorry! This giveaway has now ended :( you'll just have to go buy one! 

Want one? You're in luck- I have one of the very heat-friendly ergo Ventus to give away- just make friends with the widget here!
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