Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to babywear in the cold. Even the very cold.

The first year of our wearing, I was resourceful.

 There have been shawls, oversize hoodies, more layers for everyone...

And then I discovered the wonderful world of babywearing coats. Oh hallelujah. I'm warm. She's toasty. I can do up the zip and she fits on my front OR my back. Bliss. 

We have acquired a Momawo coat and it is magnificent. Water resistant, fleecy nside and easy to switch the panel from the back or the front as needed for carries.

 It has sleek zip-closure pockets, a detachable hood, and elastic toggle cords to ensure a snug fit around baby's top and bottom. It's such a good cut that when Audrey's abandoned the mother ship I've just stuffed the extra panel in my bag and gone about my business in a coat that's now for one.  

Here are the downsides: Husband is now pestering me for one, and every time I pick Audrey up she tries to climb inside my jacket (ok, this just happened the other night, but it was pretty darn adorable). 

If you're an indoor-only babywearer then this isn't necessary; if you're an all-terrain family that finds yourself outside all year round, a proper babywearing jacket is definitely worth buying. At nearly two, Audrey is comfortably contained and has room to grow; I don't waste so much time on layering clothing, and we're both much more comfortable in a garment that tapers to all the right places! 

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