Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daiesu 100%cotton woven wrap Jigsaw - review and GIVEAWAY!

Daiesu are a budding wrap company located in Malaysia and fronted by Ilyani Mat, who designed "Jigsaw" and launched it into the ether (You can purchase from Etsy!) where it's finding a warm welcome. 

Using safe dyes and quality organic cotton, Daiesu wraps are woven in India and are incredibly easy on the budget (a size 6 will set you back approximately $120AUD plus postage, a ring sling $70-80).

Jigsaw came to me in Raspberry for testing, and it's possibly the softest wrap I have EVER pulled straight from the bag. It's very well hemmed and finished, and with a width of 73cms there's quite enough wrap to get a deep seat under a tall toddler - or to snuggle a squish without wrestling a lot of extra width.

I love the pattern. Love it. Simple and clear, great clean contrast, and a nice density in the color (pictured with Pavo's Flamingo Unicornio for color comparison). 

As I said, this was floppy right from the bag, and I did think it mightn't be love with 30lbs of child. Oh no, it's good. 

Even after a wash, the pattern doesn't lift much, so passes are quite easy and don't require a lot of effort to tighten. Weighing in at 260 gsm, this has a little bounce, (like a thin-medium jacquard Didymos, or Pavo Unicornio) which made a double hammock a winner and FWCC really comfortable. Jigsaw is cuddly and manages some cush without being bulky or overwhelming; I didn't get dig or sag despite a bouncing Audrey (we saw a horse, it was VERY exciting).

Fantastic wrap at the right price- I'll be watching Daiesu for Ilyani's next design!

If you would Iike a Jigsaw of your own,
I have Iris and Raspberry here- and only one of them can stay! Just interact with the widget and cross your fingers...!

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