Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lovaloom Petalon Go Bananas

Talk about luxe! Lovaloom is playing with blends and the textile geekery is strong with this one.
Petalon (the pattern) Go Bananas (colorway) is a multi-fibre, heavily textured and intriguing kinda wrap. According to its composition tags, the blend is 25% Pima Cotton (Pima is a long-staple cotton with a silky feel), 18% linen (hello support, so nice of you to join us), 48% viscose (more silky-feling stuff, and very breathable) and 9% SeaCell.

Go Bananas is from the limited-edition range, which you will find available by draw here and for all its boutique composition is an easycare wrap - and did you notice all the fibres are plant-based?Yes, it's vegan too :)

 What does it feel like?  It's very comparable to silk-cotton blends, with a nubby texture and color variation that I find very appealing. Breathes wonderfully (we wore it on a warm day and snuggled in on a cold night, too)

 Petalon has a great texture without a lot of loft, so it's easy to spread second passes and tighten strand by strand for a very neat and supportive wrap job that won't dig. Yes, that is a front carry with my 4yo!

In hand this feels like a silk-wool scarf SHOULD feel. I know that sounds weird; but for a dense 305gsm with a lot of diagonal give and drape, it's like a very luxurious and floppy blanket that rocks as a baby carrier.  Was tried with a few smaller babies at a meet and declared superb, and I was very happy with it's cushiness with Audrey too. Certainly one for the long-term stay!