Monday, December 2, 2013

Stretchy wrap time...Thank you Woogi Woo!

 Woogi Woo ( sent me one of their bamboo/organic cotton stretchy wraps to try and I’ve got to say I was in love the minute I pulled it out of the package.
We all know that bamboo is good stuff - breathable, hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial and antifungal, but most importantly (!) it feels amazing. It’s incredibly soft and has a reassuring firmness to it’s stretch, like a favorite T-shirt. The only woven wraps that have felt this squish-friendly are silk pfau (delicate and pull-prone) and alto zen cashmere… let’s not talk about cashmere and baby spit-up. 

Is it easy to use? Yep. Honestly, you tie it the same way as every other stretchy on the market, but this has two things I like better. The fabric is much smoother than a cotton interlock so it glides and tightens more easily. The hems are flat overlocked/serged so there’s no bulk and the edges stretch the same way as the rest of the wrap, without digging or biting. The ends have been nicely tapered so there’s less fabric bunched around your middlesection (because who needs that?!) and the color range is a gentle earthy palette that only uses vegetable and water-based dyes, so if you have a sucker/chewer/muncher of wraps (like me) nothing toxic is making it into your child’s mouth. 

Will I use it? Yep. Even with my collection of wovens, this is beautiful, tactile and practical. It’s not going to see a lot of love with Audrey, as she’s just hit 9kg (20lbs), but I can see myself loaning this to a lot of new mamas and stashing it for our next baby so I can tandem easily. 

Should you buy one? Yep. For your new baby, your expecting friend, the nervous father-to-be… do them a favor and gift them a gorgeous and ergonomic carrier that will help them bond with their baby and relax into their new role.  Enjoy your beautiful baby... in an absolutely luxurious wrap 

Want one for free? Then just click HERE and enter - for yourself, for your friend, or your sling library :)