Sunday, April 24, 2016

BonkyBaby baby wearing jacket and ring sling

Ah, we love winter wearing :) 
This is a simple tummy-to-tummy carry with a ring sling and reversible baby wearing jacket from Bonky Baby. Ring slings are all kinds of awesome for quick up and downs, and they're very good under winter wear when you don't want a whole heap of extra bulk or fabric to mess with! This lovely is a lightly textured plain weave with a pleated shoulder that sits nicely and won't spread too far down your arm. I found it quite wide and easy to get a secure seat with, and it was firm and grippy enough that it didn't require retightening - even with Audrey demanding a turn!

The jacket is indigo-dyed organic cotton lined with polar fleece and fully reversible - AND (the panel can be slipped into the back for back carries, too!) No, you don't need special gear to baby wear in cold weather, but if you're outdoorsy it s a very good investment! This is a flexible and budget friendly option with a variety of fabric choices available and a sleek, simple design.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Nana Australia - Babywearing poncho

Lush mossy green has been keeping our winter blues away - a light knit poncho from Nana Australia has been perfect against chilly evenings, cloudy days, and generally making the best of Melbourne's propensity for four-seasons-in-one-day weather. 

I struggled through our first winter of Babywearing with a knit poncho designed for one, and although it was ok for front carries it was a bit of a mess for back... Not to mention it was either flapping about wildly or needing to be held on. I walked with crossed arms
A LOT. Since then, our all-weather Babywearing arsenal has grown quite a bit, and the Nana poncho is a useful and practical addition. 

There's a neat back opening to facilitate back carries AND a warm neck, and even when baby is NOT on your back (or indeed anywhere to be seen) this sits flat and won't flap open or let a breeze through. Win. The crossover style means you're not constantly tugging it on - tie up and soldier on. 
I have found it much easier to put on (in a back carry!) than a full jacket, and Audrey likes it too - she can move her hands around a little more while still having the extra layer over her back. It's also a lot easier to stuff into a bag when the weather perks up.

Verdict: great extra layer. Suitable for evening chill, useful for front and back carries. If you head over to Nana Australia you'll also notice some pretty awesome jackets that will vanquish winter and keep you super snug. In the meantime, we'll be enjoying the versatility of this!