Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review - Keppeke bollekes (polka dots)

Bollekes is a 100% cotton with a heavy, dense texture. Quite stiff out of the bag and still assertive after a wash, this has taken a little bit of wrestling but is proving to break in to toddler-worthiness. 

There's no wrong side to this wrap and it's an awesome neutral if you want a wrap that won't dominate your outfit but still has some pattern and texture. My husband has asked "Can I wear that?" and said "gee, this feels nice", bouncing up and down for effect! 

The large scale pattern isn't as grippy as cubes and passes slide nicely. I'm confident that with further wear this will become much floppier but I wouldn't say it's an ideal squish wrap. The weave is very dense and I found it supportive with 24lbs of bouncing, squealing toddler and a pug being towed along :)

I love the clean, unfussy design and the cross-gender appeal. I'll be watching Keppeke to see what they come up with next!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review Keppeke Coral Cubes

This was a total floppy lovey of a wrap right out of the postpak. Thin, subtly textured, and just the "right" shade of coral (the one that's not peach!) and cream. I threw Audrey up into my in-a-hurry ruck and off we went for a walk. 

It is a subtly textured wrap; passes aren't difficult to get across but once you've got them the cube pattern locks them in nicely and doesn't budge easily. 

About five minutes into our walk I remembered why I only ruck when I'm in a hurry and switched into a knotless finish (for me this or a candy cane chest belt keeps the ruck straps much more securely on my shoulders).

This isn't a bulky wrap but it has a surprising amount of cush. The pattern gives it a lovely airiness and I comfortably walked with about 24lbs of toddler for nearly an hour. It's a very soft, drapy wrap that would be lovely for a new baby but handles a bigger child very nicely. Obviously the pattern is attractive without being gendered ;) and Cubes is available in several colorways. 

I can also tell you it handles a FWCC and sleeping weight (we all know how different that feels!) with ease :) 

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review - Fular mitla turguesa

This Inda jani is a happy blue. 100% cotton and handwoven in Mexico, it felt really thin and stiff - almost gauze-like - in hand and I was horrified! Then I washed it and all came right with the world. 

I'm not a huge fan of fringed wraps, but this has become a beach favorite and somehow the fringe seems ok with a bikini. 
The flat weave is very open and airy, without a lot of bounce and needs careful wrapping to avoid digging with toddlers. It has a great diagonal give and it is easy to get a very sleek and precise wrap job. 

 I love the "second skin" feel of it and it is an excellent beater wrap that's been rubbed in the sand, worn in the ocean and still washes up well. 
I would buy this in a heartbeat for a little baby to use with multilayer carries; it is very supportive with 11kgs of toddler and I have rucked in a hurry with it too, but I don't think it would be wonderful in a single layer carry for a long time. I AM besotted with the colors and the weave is of an excellent quality. 

Want one? Check back tomorrow ;)

Joy and Joe's delicious Blackberry Ripple

This is so cuddly. And PURPLE! Joy and Joe sent me their 100% organic cotton Blackberry ripple to try and I couldn't be happier with it. Woven in the UK on a modern dobby loom (you can SEE it being woven here:

It's a hefty 276g/m2, and after one wash drapes beautifully. The weave is quite open (broken twill) and feels very cushy. The simple striped design makes it an easy wear for parents and carers who might be a bit self-conscious in a complex design or statement color scheme. 

I FWCC'd my 11kg toddler comfortably and found this quite easy to wrap in a double hammock- not grippy enough to make passes difficult, but certainly thick enough for comfortable ruck straps. It's 80cms wide so certainly enough for toddler wrapping.

After I beat it up a little bit I lent it to a friend to wrap her squish and she absolutely raved about it- also mentioning that the contrasting color rails made it easier for her to tighten accurately and check she wasn't twisting anywhere. 

It has become delightfully cuddly and floofy after only a couple washes and line dries (I don't "do" ironing!) and is an amazing quality wrap at its price point.  
I can see this being a great workhorse wrap that does the job well and comfortably with children of varying weight and size, and washes and wears beautifully. 

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