Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pure Baby Love - cotton wrap review

Pure Baby (find them at  have made delightfully simple and cuddly wraps that just say BABY. 
This particular soft grey cross-twill went for a spin, fluffed up, and is the cuddliest machine woven I've ever felt. It's like a snuggly well-used girasol... From the beginning, which is delicious. 

With 6kgs of demo doll this 225gsm rocked a ruck, FWCC was snuggly, and super easy to wrap. I recommend stripy wraps for beginners so it's easy to distinguish the rails and learn to tighten, but for the texture alone this might be a new winner. 

Pure Baby is currently making sweet pastels and they're unfussy enough for dads to love on, subtle and slightly cushy. 

I thought that this was really a "baby" wrap, but of course Audrey wanted a turn too, and I got an easy wrap job that stayed comfortable (in FWCC with bunched passes) and was plenty supportive for nearly 15kgs. 

I really like this. I feel like it's a great aesthetic choice for parents who feel like babywearing with woven wraps is something only hippies or crazy textile enthusiasts do. On wrapping qualities I feel m this stacks up very well - it fluffed up amazingly with a wash and dry, didn't need breaking in at ALL, was easy to tighten and has a light, airy texture that feels cushiony around small babies and reassuringly solid around bigs. The diagonal give in the weave made it easy to get a snug top rail and a very smooth, flat surface in the carry, so multiple passes were eaaaaaaasy. Great wrap for nailing technique and becoming comfortable with the process of wrapping and the philosophy of wearing - that a baby's natural habitat is the arms of their caregiver. Beautiful workhorse of a wrap. Thanks Pure Baby (you can see the full range at  for allowing me to meet your gorgeous woven! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wrapture - Harvest Dusk review

Just a suburb over from me, there is a pair of women working hard on textile geekery - and the result is Wrapture. Natasha and Emma have created a new Australian brand that prides itself on eco sustainability and supporting local industry. 
Harvest is a silky-soft, lightly textured blend of mercerized cotton and bamboo, with the gentle crinkle of a waffle blanket that's just a little cushiony and very sleek to wrap with.  

In loom state, Harvest dusk is absolutely glossy and flat, but an impatient wash and dry (no tumbling, please, line dry this lovely!) brought up texture and a hint of potential pliability. 
I like rucking with everything, because it's a good test of the kind of weight a wrap will really shine with. At 240gsm and 73cms this is a good thinnish wrap, very easy to get a good seat with a toddler, but not overwhelming with a baby. 

The silkiness of the weave makes it very easy to achieve a flat, smooth seat, and  a knotless finish needed a little strand-by strand tightening to stay snug. With 15 kgs of child, this stood up really well. I would recommend sandwiching the shoulders or pleating, but the bamboo and the nature of the basket weave lent it a nice bounce without being at all bulky. 

Thin wraps are absolutely gorgeous for little babies and I think this would be glorious for a newborn (especially given the bamboo content). It's much easier to tie a FWCC snugly and smoothly in a thin wrap! 

Again, the basket weave and gentle texture provided a little cush, and this was supportive enough to leave passes bunched. 

What color IS it?! Officially, purple, but it certainly photographs differently depending on light conditions. Really, it's simply lovely. Not too busy for dads, not too plain for mums who need a touch of sophistication - and I'm looking forward to more simple, subtle designs from my talented locals :) 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Soul slings double layer linen ring sling - review

I just got my hands on one of the double-layer linens from Soul slings (find them at and oh yes. Hello sturdy summer beater. Reversible, impeccably sewn, beautifully packaged (good to know if gifting) and cheap. Under $60 aud makes this almost cheaper than I can DIY. 
With a 6kg demo doll this is so easy to adjust, and "Henry" (I liked Harry better, but Audrey insisted...) sat snugly and comfortably. 
I supported his head with the tail tucked under the top rail, but clearly I made him look way too comfortable. 
The gathered shoulder spreads easily and even with 15kgs of child sits well without digging. 
I am loving the simple and classy color combos. My husband asked if I could show him how to use it, which speaks volumes (he's wrapped happily but never shown interest in a sling!). 

Verdict? Brilliant baby shower gift. I love ring slings for newborns to toddlers. They're light, compact, versatile, breastfeeding-friendly and relatively simple. Soul slings have just made them very easy on the pocket as well, and I am happy to support a company with ethical labor conditions and fair pay agreements in place. The double-layer linens come in a variety of color combinations (you can pop over to ... To see the full range) and I've broken this one in easily with a few washes, a bit of tumbling in the dryer and a little wear.