Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wrapture - Harvest Dusk review

Just a suburb over from me, there is a pair of women working hard on textile geekery - and the result is Wrapture. Natasha and Emma have created a new Australian brand that prides itself on eco sustainability and supporting local industry. 
Harvest is a silky-soft, lightly textured blend of mercerized cotton and bamboo, with the gentle crinkle of a waffle blanket that's just a little cushiony and very sleek to wrap with.  

In loom state, Harvest dusk is absolutely glossy and flat, but an impatient wash and dry (no tumbling, please, line dry this lovely!) brought up texture and a hint of potential pliability. 
I like rucking with everything, because it's a good test of the kind of weight a wrap will really shine with. At 240gsm and 73cms this is a good thinnish wrap, very easy to get a good seat with a toddler, but not overwhelming with a baby. 

The silkiness of the weave makes it very easy to achieve a flat, smooth seat, and  a knotless finish needed a little strand-by strand tightening to stay snug. With 15 kgs of child, this stood up really well. I would recommend sandwiching the shoulders or pleating, but the bamboo and the nature of the basket weave lent it a nice bounce without being at all bulky. 

Thin wraps are absolutely gorgeous for little babies and I think this would be glorious for a newborn (especially given the bamboo content). It's much easier to tie a FWCC snugly and smoothly in a thin wrap! 

Again, the basket weave and gentle texture provided a little cush, and this was supportive enough to leave passes bunched. 

What color IS it?! Officially, purple, but it certainly photographs differently depending on light conditions. Really, it's simply lovely. Not too busy for dads, not too plain for mums who need a touch of sophistication - and I'm looking forward to more simple, subtle designs from my talented locals :) 

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