Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pure Baby Love - cotton wrap review

Pure Baby (find them at  have made delightfully simple and cuddly wraps that just say BABY. 
This particular soft grey cross-twill went for a spin, fluffed up, and is the cuddliest machine woven I've ever felt. It's like a snuggly well-used girasol... From the beginning, which is delicious. 

With 6kgs of demo doll this 225gsm rocked a ruck, FWCC was snuggly, and super easy to wrap. I recommend stripy wraps for beginners so it's easy to distinguish the rails and learn to tighten, but for the texture alone this might be a new winner. 

Pure Baby is currently making sweet pastels and they're unfussy enough for dads to love on, subtle and slightly cushy. 

I thought that this was really a "baby" wrap, but of course Audrey wanted a turn too, and I got an easy wrap job that stayed comfortable (in FWCC with bunched passes) and was plenty supportive for nearly 15kgs. 

I really like this. I feel like it's a great aesthetic choice for parents who feel like babywearing with woven wraps is something only hippies or crazy textile enthusiasts do. On wrapping qualities I feel m this stacks up very well - it fluffed up amazingly with a wash and dry, didn't need breaking in at ALL, was easy to tighten and has a light, airy texture that feels cushiony around small babies and reassuringly solid around bigs. The diagonal give in the weave made it easy to get a snug top rail and a very smooth, flat surface in the carry, so multiple passes were eaaaaaaasy. Great wrap for nailing technique and becoming comfortable with the process of wrapping and the philosophy of wearing - that a baby's natural habitat is the arms of their caregiver. Beautiful workhorse of a wrap. Thanks Pure Baby (you can see the full range at  for allowing me to meet your gorgeous woven! 

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