Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kokoro Ren North Sea, exclusive to Treasure U - review and giveaway!

See my face? That's a look of disbelief that a hurried ruck (parking lot, drizzle, MUST GET SUSHI NOW) can be so freaking comfortable with nearly twenty kilos of child aboard.
Aside from all its lovely aesthetic qualities (a textured charcoal with fleck vs. rich teal) and lush textile qualities (organic cotton, tsumugi silk, sea island cotton) Ren North Sea (the exclusive by Kokoro Textiles for Treasure U Limited) is kind of a marshmallowy, cushy wrap to die for. 
I love the texture. Silk is kind of magical like that. After one wash it fluffed up into floofy, pliable goodness. It has a lot of body and a soft, slightly sticky texture when wrapping. Very elastic and so.much.bounce. Think wool, but better. 

We won't talk about my sloppy wrap job. There wasn't even a semblance of strand by strand tightening. And guess what? IT DIDN'T MATTER.

I think she likes it.

An hour later some front cuddles were necessary. Life has been a bit stressful around here lately and the emotional connection of wearing as well as the physical sensation - deep pressure, a sensory reset - helps us both.

FWCC with a four-year-old. No mean feat. Pleated itself on my shoulders and easily gave a spread supportive layer without digging. We walked around like this for about forty minutes and I could have kept going. No sagging, no retightening... LOVE.

You KNOW my child asked for this photo of her sushi and the wrap. She's eccentric like that. 

Having tried Kokoro wraps since their launch in 2014 (Kairos, we were in Canada at the time, then our favorite Luna & Artemis kitties), I was expecting big things. While I am always blown away by the texture of silk as it presents in a woven wrap, Ren knocked it out of the ball park. Yes, there is a Pamir  (handwoven of legend) lurking in my stash and although it (being all-cotton) has a different feel in hand and on the shoulders, do NOT force me to choose between Ren North Sea and Mr.P..  It won't be pretty. Kokoro have not only nailed the design aesthetic, they've produced a textile that is simply glorious to wrap with. Follow them on Facebook here, don't forget to stalk Treasure U here... and good luck, there is something simply marvellous brewing!