Sunday, December 4, 2016

SUPU woven wraps - Flight Blaze review

Who is SUPU? Well, the woman behind them is a lovely New Zealander who now resides in the UK - Jess has long worked as a designer and textiles are obviously her thing! I had a little chat to her before Flight arrived and can say her whole process, from design, sampling mill runs and even finishing - has been very hands-on and involved - and that really shows in the presentation and textile quality of her finished product. 

Right out of the bag, Flight Blaze is a medium weight cotton (290 gsm) which drapes and relaxes in hand very quickly. The herringbone weave and relatively flat peacock pattern don't lift away much, making this an easy wrap for second passes and smooth seats. Not difficult in hand for little babes and awesome for multilayer carries. Jess has chosen Oeko-Tex certified Egyptian cotton for Flight Blaze, and the long, smooth fibres contribute to a lush, smooth feeling in hand. 

Trucking around nearly 20 kilos of four-year-old is a big ask, and SUPU's Flight Blaze held up very well - I would compare it to Didymos' Lisca, but with less sag factor and a much sturdier feeling.At 70 cms wide, it's plenty for a good seat without a lot of extra bunching. It held a slip knot well and didn't require retightening or much adjustment - and looks so good on!

What do you wear when you're dropping in on a new mum to show her how to use a woven? Your own child... and with a chest pass like this, why not?! Sleek and with just enough diagonal stretch, it's easy to get a smooth, flat chest pass with even tension throughout. 

 I think she likes it.

Yes, that's a ruck. Jess is doing good things and knows her textile stuff. She's doing a fantastic job of combining form with function and creating wraps that not only look lovely but perform admirably. You can follow her new work and upcoming releases here on Facebook and check out the feel of her whole brand on her website here.