Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ling ling d'amour MT review and giveaway!

Well, I got a very pleasant surprise when I opened this package - Ling Ling Mei tais officially come in two sizes - mid-tai and maxi-tai. The smaller size (eucalyptus green below) is rated up to 15kgs (about 34lbs) and the larger (terracotta) to 20 kgs (45lbs). All pretty standard, but the lovely thing about the smaller size is its amazing adjustability.

Rather than needing to have the waistband rolled or adding another lace/piece of fabric to cinch the base narrower for infants, it's ALL built into the carrier for you.

One toggle across the base will let you narrow it; another located on each side will help you shorten the body, and the carrier can be worn with the headrest up or down.

The maxi tai doesn't feature toggles for cinching but has a generous base which seats Audrey (2y4mo) knee to knee perfectly.

(Although it's not necessary to seat older children knee to knee, it's much more comfortable for the person doing the carrying to have those legs up and around their centre of gravity.) 

Having wrap straps means you can easily widen the seat to support an older child without straps digging into their legs. 

Of course Ling Ling has taken care with their choice of materials; certified organic cotton in a twill weave, which will fluff up nicely with time and use. Basically, you're buying the quality and function of a wrap-conversion carrier for the same price as a wrap. 
Each carrier has a lightly padded waist that's substantial and won't roll; I found the waist straps long enough to cross behind and knot in front, and the wrap straps are my favorite for tensioning well and spreading weight evenly so there's no dig in your shoulders or back. 

I love the design in the mid tai size - it makes this a very versatile carrier for families carrying siblings or wanting a single carrier to remain supportive and ergonomic over several years. The maxi, with it's generous weight limit, is an ideal carrier for toddlers to young children. 

Now, the best bit is that you can enter to win whichever you prefer- would you like a mid or a maxi? Just hit up the widget - good luck!

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Risaroo Aquarius review

Right out of the bag I could smell the potential. In hand, it was smooth, sleek, and 50-50 cotton-mercerized cotton, the most glorious blue and crisp white. Risaroo's beautiful Sagitta Aquarius!/~/product/category=9680276&id=39586792
went straight in the wash and then festooned the stair banisters to dry. 

Aquarius is a medium wrap that is cushy and smooth all at once, weighing in at 280g/m2. The jacquard is very easy to wrap with and passes glide with ease. This is not even vaguely a grippy wrap and I think it would be a great wrap for starting out with back carries. My husband commented approvingly on the pattern, saying it was (a) simple and (b) recognizable. I like it- the fletching isn't overwhelming, but it's a lovely contrast and the colors are very distinct and clean. 

It's fair to say this got a workout on it's maiden voyage. First Audrey passed out in five minutes. Unfortunately, she woke up forty-five minutes later, and I spent nearly an hour pacing, chatting, feeding and generally trying to convince her more sleep was a GREAT idea. She wouldn't have a bar of it. However. Even with passes bunched this lasted with cush and comfort on my shoulders and tonight we grabbed it again. Success.

On a rainy trip to town, this passed the "quick, sloppy DH" test with flying colors. It was not my finest wrap job, but I was forgiven and Audrey snuggled down happily. With enough bounce for her to play peekaboo, I appreciated the diagonal grain giving and supporting! 

We hiked about for nearly an hour, stopped for sushi and made our exit in high dudgeon and a hip carry (tired toddlers need the most hip carries...)

I love it. It's not heavy enough to need wrestling, but it has substance, plenty of style and the color is heavenly. It's floppy after just one wash and it's going to make the perfect workhorse wrap that would be lovely with a little baby but is easily wide and dense enough for a toddler. I'm ranking it alongside Pavo hearts (and it's no secret how much I love those!) for wrapping qualities and friendliness - Risaroo is definitely a brand to follow!

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teething Baby Australia $150 GIVEAWAY!

Need a distraction or four while wrapping your baby? Teething Baby Australia has hooked me up with enough chewable, fiddly goodies for a whole babywearing GROUP!

This package of perfect distractions ($150rrp) includes:
1 x Hearts necklace $15 (Red or colour of choice) 1 x Amber necklace $15 Polished honey) 1 x Amber bracelet $10 (polished honey) 1 x Organic Maple wood necklace $8 (vanilla) 1 x Pebble Necklace $12 3 x Silicone Food Chews $30 (1 of each colour) 3 x Silicone teething Cookies $60 (one of each colour)
Want it? 
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Danu slings review and giveaway

In a single word, this wrap is a beast. Danu slings has taken some linen, some cotton, and fashioned a wrap that, fresh out of the package, can stand up all by itself. However, linen is a tame-able beast and crunchy doesn't mean bad, just work! I put this through two wash cycles before I even tried drying it. Then I twisted it up on itself and let it sit for a couple hours. Then I beat it against the floor and twisted it the other way. Then I threw it in the car and sat in it... And THEN I tried wrapping with it.

Enigma Beaufort is an Irish linen/cotton blend, dry and crunchy in hand and with not much raise in texture. I find linen has a very "limited" feel on the shoulders - like there's no bounce and little give to the fabric. This makes for brilliantly secure wrap jobs and is great for learning to wrap precisely. Linen generally allows you to feel exactly what you tightened, and doesn't stretch or relax back. It has fantastic support and breathes nicely in warm weather. 

Beaufort is still feeling thin but I expect it will relax and plump up a little more with wear. I try to buy linen second-hand (because I'm lazy!) as it wraps like a second skin when loved on. I very much like the design and the color is rich without being overpowering. 

I can report that after double hammocking a trip to officeworks this is rock solid and won't slip an inch- maybe not the very easiest beginner wrap, but a great option for toddlers and bigger kids. 

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own.