Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I am NOT a Natibaby fan. I've tried a few, and ok, yeah, some GORGEOUS designs, but wrapping-wise they aren't all that and unicorn hair. 

And then this happened. Turns out that I'm actually a fan of Natibaby LINEN. Like, it's great. An amazing, light, summery wrap with great texture (and a particularly awesome message on THIS particular wrap, which you can purchase from Purusha's Picks) that relaxed into floppiness in three washes and a couple weeks of wearing. 

We wore in FWCC and my 15 kg child passed quickly into unconsciousness. She wasn't even heavy. I walked down three flights of stairs to retrieve my forgotten coffee, back up, and she stayed asleep AND my shoulders didn't fall off. Win.

We did a hasty, sloppy, you'll pay for this later DH in the parking lot as it started to drizzle, and although that chest pass is not pretty, IT STAYED PUT. It didn't sag, it didn't dig, it was a sloppy wrap job with 15 kilos of sushi-scoffing child and I won.
I even like the color. It's not bright sunny yellow, it's accent mustard and all kinds of awesome. I actually can't say enough good things about it. If linen doesn't float your boat (I don't know if we can be friends anymore...) go check out the hemp one. It's black, which I find VERY attractive, and I'm pretty sure you could ruck another adult in it. Lastly, SAVE THE MIDWIVES!

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