Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nunamoochie retro review

Who can say DREAMY? Nunamoochie's Retro completely exceeded all my expectations. Colleen and Tanni have made excellent use of their family connections in India to produce some really lovely textiles - there is a lovely organic cotton jacquard Mehndi ring sling in our group collection, and the aesthetic of Retro is just gorgeous. (For playful, check out Year of the Horse and Elephant Ears!) 

Retro is an absolutely budget handwoven; a size 6 will set you back a lofty $129USD  - less than a lot of machine-wovens on the market. Why? By manufacturing and finishing in India, production costs are kept low, and it's quite lovely that these savings are passed on to parents looking for beautiful handmade textiles. 

Sleep baby, sleep... All Audrey has done in this wrap is sleep. Given that she's a typically rambunctious two-and-a-half year-old, this is remarkable. There's something peaceful about this wrap. Even in an incredibly messy DH (don't judge, the post office was about to close and she had no shoes on...) ...she nearly dozed off mid-sushi. This is a THIN wrap, but it has the same kind of density as... dare I say it... Pamir. I know. I just went there. Elastic diagonal stretch and twists/knots up to nothing. It's almost creepy. And yes, that's 15kgs of child on my back. 

Retro has bounce, cush, and glide, with just a little grip on the (hemmed) rails where you see some dramatic pinstriped action. It's thin enough to wear on thirty-degree (Celsius) days and seriously sleek.

 This is not like girasol or indajani, this is a completely different ballgame in the same price range and I am going to be watching what comes next with GREAT interest. In the meantime, I'll be over here channeling My Fair Lady (I think the closest I get to that is Audrey Hepburn yelling "Move yer ARSE!") in black, ivory, and CLASS.

And now the good bit... I have a Retro ring sling to give away! With a very comfortable flat box pleat at the shoulder to cup without siding down, I promise this will add style to the most basic mama ensemble ❤️ head to my facebook page and comment to be entered into the draw!

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