Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kowalli baby carrier cover review and...

We've been having some random and odd weather lately. The kind where you get dressed and then by eleven am need a hoodie or more socks because the beautiful morning you saw at seven am has evaporated into dark clouds. Of course, an hour later it warms up... 
So Kowalli's microfleece carrier cover has been kind of awesome. It's become my house hoodie if wearing, the quick extra layer I can put on VERY speedily, and I kind of love how light and simple it is. Having a few polartec jackets for camping over the years, I KNOW this stuff washes and wears really well, so even if your carriers don't hang around for the grandchildren, this might. 

Where it REALLY wins? Being OSFM. Michael is a slim 6"3 beanpole. Finding jackets that fit him for width AND length is kind of impossible, so the Kowalli has been fantastic for night walks. I am a less statuesque 5"6 and tend to drown in his stuff, so having ONE warm snuggly thing that works for both of us is amazing. Having elastic that can be cinched at top and bottom is fantastic for insulating little bare legs. 

Basically, it's a slightly asymmetrical tube with a front pocket (yay warm hands!) which you can wear under or over your existing jacket (yes, Michael tried putting a hoodie over it. It worked better for him than for me) - I have found it easier to use than a jacket for back carries, simply because it's lighter and less fiddly to put on. Yes, it works with a ring sling, and if you really want baby's head on the right side of your chest, just spin the Kowalli 180 degrees and it works there too. 

Overall, I love this. In Melbourne's four-seasons-in-one-day climate, it's a very
versatile accessory - rolls up compact, light to carry, easy to put on, works with all carriers, all ages, and a wide variety of wearer shapes and sizes. If you want one, you can head to  and YES, Alizah WILL ship internationally to any country, you just need to contact her at and she will set up a shipment for you - Lovely or what?!


  1. Love this! It would be perfect for our winter walks and for our visit to Canada this October

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