Saturday, February 28, 2015

JPMBB little wrap without a knot - ring sling! Review and giveaway ;)


You know what? I kind of love this. At first I was uhhhhh what is this dumb cover thing?! And then I remembered (while wrapping my newborn size demo doll) how often Audrey used to clunk her head into the rings, and how I would want to wrap the tail around to cushion them but then it was tangled and couldn't adjust it... So anyway. I put the sleeve on, pulled it down over the rings when I was done and happy days, no pinchy rings.

For a wearee of wovens, this sling is a bit of getting used to... And clever. It's stretchy (cotton/elastane). In a double layer, for security (please don't try using a single layer, not safe) and with a nice deep seat, it's remarkably comfortable.
 I think it could be fantastic for new wearers who sometimes have trouble adjusting with precision. I pushed it to the suggested weight limit of 14kgs with my ever-helpful 2.5yo, and it was actually comfortable and supportive. If you have a pusher or a leaner I wouldn't recommend it with a toddler, because they are strong enough to get the fabric to roll down their back and take advantage of the stretch. 
(Please remember that this is going to be terrific for front and hip carries, but isn't suitable for back carries.)
However, for smaller babies (and hey,  14kgs IS the maximum suggested) I think this is great. I had no issues adjusting, and I like the double-color - reversible, simple, smart. I also love that I have one to give away- just go comment on my facebook page to get involved! 


  1. Hi was this carrier rather hot to wear? I'm in love with it but concerned it may be?

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