Friday, August 21, 2015

Sica carriers - Mei tai heaven!

Sica Baby Carriers is making divine bespoke carriers. 
It's really that simple. Silje sent me a toddler-size mei tai in pristine cream linen, with a mounted college hood and wrap straps (she has a very lightly padded waist square-quilted, that sits beautifully flat and snug). 

Lined with a cotton print and featuring flawless bronze embroidery, the whole thing is perfectly constructed and super comfortable - all the breathability and support of linen in the convenience of a mei tai. 

I aproned it for these photos with a 6kg demo doll, but it was quite tall enough for 15kg 3yo Audrey to be comfortable with arms in (the body panel is 46cms tall, and 45cms wide). 

The pleated shoulder straps are a generous 2m, and their width makes for very comfortable wearing. Silje offers a range of different hood styles - I also got to check out her flat hood which fastens with buttons and really like that, especially with a patterned panel or wrap conversion. 

I loved the simplicity of this carrier; wrap straps are easy to spread wide to bear the weight of heavy children (YAY) and the linen is excellent; soft after a couple washes, breathable, mouldable, amazing.  I loved this walking with Audrey; nothing bunched or moved, just rock-solid support. 

Just to show off the breadth of her skills, Silje also sent a black linen/cotton mei tai with lightly padded shoulder straps and a flat hood which detaches. 

The decorative panel was a special request from me after I saw the one she made for herself - and she chased down the same fabric! I have to include her stock photo of it because it REALLY shows the construction of the hood nicely.  

This has been dubbed "Black Beauty" in our house and not for nothing - it is really glorious. Silk-lined and a very glamorous option - don't worry how many sleepless nights you've had - everyone will be looking at the carrier, not you! 

You can see that the body is quite tall enough for a 3yo and that although the seat isn't quite knee to knee (long legs on this one, 45 cms isn't quite enough) - that's the beauty of wrap straps - you just spread them out and hey presto! Knee-to-knee seat and uber-comfort for the adult.

This is an easy, fast carrier (padded shoulder straps mean very little fussing to get them flat or strand-by-strand tightening) which I liked for its simplicity. The construction is perfect again, and I can't fault Silje on a thing - communication, timeline, or cost. You can see her complete rundown of costs on custom creations here- and she will also accept wraps for conversion. 

Each carrier came enclosed in a matching embroidered linen bag - which brings me to the last little one! 

Audrey was delighted that hers had her name on it. I might have timed the photo opp badly... but not the lexie twist!

Turns out Sica doll carriers accommodate My Child dolls very nicely...

and leave your hands free for all those other important tasks, like resisting real clothes ;)

What's the best part? Silje has invited me to give away a custom spot!
Will you choose baby or toddler size, 
A mei tai/half-buckle/full-buckle,
Embroidery of your choice on the panel?
Flat hood or college hood? Mounted or detachable?
Silk or cotton lined?
Silje will work with you to create the carrier of your dreams in linen or accept a wrap to convert for you. Keep your eyes open for the giveaway beginning...!

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