Wednesday, August 12, 2015

PinkNova Cloudless Birds of Paradise: silk/egyptian cotton woven wrap Review

Cloudless Birds of Paradise is the poetic silk/cotton blend from PinkNova that is cushy and delightful and makes me rethink everything I thought I knew about silk. 

Turns out it doesn't mean thin and diggy... It's actually kind of magical and unicorn-like. 

 Let's have a crash course in the properties of silk, since I had it pretty upside-down. 

Tussah silk has been around in wraps for a while, and it's kind of neat - it's made from wild silkworms and is usually coarser than cultivated silk. I'm not a huge fan of it for wrapping; I find it a little too diggy and too thin to be without give.  

Eri silk is lovely for a bit of tensile strength and cush, and I think oonlamoon have done some lovely things with it, but mulberry silk has got to be my favourite... Lucky that's what the clever women at PinkNova used, and no surprise then that it's the most popularly cultivated silk. 

With strong, lengthy fibres, it's very thin and requires many threads per centimetre of weave, hence the very dense feel in hand of this silk/cotton blend. What makes it feel oddly ...fluffy? 

Well, that's what you get when you combine an egyptian cotton warp with a mulberry silk/egyptian cotton weft. Light (240gsm) and dense all at once, with support like linen and no 'hard' texture, just gorgeous flop. Fresh out of the wash this may have been a little crunchy, but five minutes with a run through the stair bannisters and you would never know. 

This has such a subtle and delicate pattern (Audrey insists it's dandelions!) that you don't get grip from it; but the silk has a velvety texture that holds passes beautifully. Red Hot Kiss had a luxurious linen 'velcro', but this is more subtle and cuddly in feel. 

Yes, it rocks a ruck with 15 kg/34lbs; this has been to Ikea, trucked around in a bandagy double hammock, and even lasted through a dead-weight nap in FWCC TUB. 

It has become marshmallowy while staying dense and feeling very substantial in a carry; the kind of wrap that makes you think SURELY I can carry that ten-year-old  (No, I haven't tried that yet, but you all know what I mean).

What's my verdict? Broken in I would use with a little baby; it's fantastic with toddlers and feels absolutely luxurious. Win. 

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