Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sestrice Cotton/Linen Roosters woven wrap Review

Sestrice sent me some roosters! Ok, I admit this seemed VERY random - who puts ROOSTERS on a wrap?

 But then I did a bit more reading and it all became clear... Sestrice is a Slovak brand and means  sisters - perfect for sisters Slavka and Barbora, who have young children of their own and are inspired by traditional folklore and embroidery.

Their rooster represents the protector - and this design is based on the old belief that the farm's rooster would protect it and therefore the family. Now I also know that the rooster is also a symbol of fertility and was once a popular wedding gift or the popular present when a new child was welcomed to a family. Suddenly it all makes sense (and these are pretty cute roosters anyway).

These dreamily sky-blue roosters are 53%/47% linen/cotton, light, VERY breathable and easily placed into a supportive carry. (Check the website for a full range of colors and blends)

I found that it was crunchy when freshly washed, but softened up quickly and really shone after a good ironing. The blend is enough to fluff up nicely on the shoulders and I didn't feel like this needed careful wrapping to stay comfortable (I love linen, but pure linen can be diggy and prone to feeling "hard" on the shoulders). 

 At 290 gsm, it's a middleweight wrap that feels light in hand and light on your shoulders. 74cms is enough to wrap my 15 kg three-year-old easily and not overwhelm a smaller baby or new wrapper. 

Sestrice is one to watch and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what other gorgeous designs these lovely sisters draw from Slovakian culture in which to wrap our babes :)

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