Friday, August 21, 2015

Erizo handwoven wraps - winter blossom review

Erizo hit my radar a LONG time ago, when they were dying linen for baby wearing and created a gorgeous storm-apricot grad for me. Knowing the aesthetics would be stunning, I happily opened a box of handwoven beauty from Janelle a couple weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying a 4.4m piece of "winter blossom". 

See what I mean about the aesthetic?! At first I was a bit meh about the iciness of the colors, but this charcoal weft beauty has completely grown on me. Even better, it looks like two completely different wraps depending which way up you have it ;)

Let's talk wrapping qualities. My keywords would be: chunky, substantial, dense, rock-solid. Stays put, whether in a double hammock or a simple ruck. Has softened up nicely and is just going to keep getting better. Not thick enough to be unwieldy, but a handful of wrap. Tipping the scales at 285gsm (post wash and wear), I like the sturdy reliable cush of it in hand and that's exactly how it translates to my shoulders. 

FWCC TUB is a staple around here and this rocks it. Easy to tighten and not an inch of sag. What you tie off is what you get. 
Sloppy ruck racing back to the car from the other side of town - didn't even think of budging and wither a quick sandwich of the passes over my shoulders this was set. Nearly 16kgs (36lbs)? Couldn't possibly be. 

I am really impressed by the workmanship of the weaving: selvedges are absolutely flawless and the couple of weavers knots have been worked in - I had to REALLY go hunting for them. The grain is absolutely even and I love the complex color variation; erizo is screaming WINNER in every possible way, and you'll be lucky to score through their etsy store. 


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  2. This looks gorgeous! How does it compare in thickness/characteristics to the ring sling you're giving away? I'm looking for a really toddler-worthy ring sling...