Friday, June 19, 2015

Pink Nova's Red Hot Kisses (woven wrap) review and giveaway!

Pucker up! is about to launch and we have had hands on one of their debut wraps, Red Hot Kiss. This is the ultimate toddler tamer. 240gsm, 38% Belgian linen (coarse, but not slubby), 62% Egyptian Cotton, a kickass weave and a candy-sweet appearance. 

The Egyptian cotton side was pretty malleable after a wash and dry (and pummel), but the linen side was still cardboardy... So I washed it again. 

Second go-round and this had potential. Still crumply and highly textured, but hinting at the same kind of rock steadiness I love about Solnce linen. 

Rucking a 15kg 3yo is not for the faint of heart. Especially in her "big brown boots". But the beast did it comfortably (yes, ridiculous tails, whatever). Would make a very versatile shortie for your big kid who likes quick ups.

Walking to the beach playground, I went for a reinforced ruck, knotless finish. Awesome. Red hot has become thinner feeling as the fibers loosen up and it works a knotless really nicely, without much extra bulk. And I can testify to the sturdiness of this wrap - I took a tumble (yes, with Audrey on my back) and although I took a fantastic chunk out of my knee-high boots, my KNEE, elbow and CHIN (that was after the commando roll across the gravelled boat ramp)... Red hot kisses and my precious cargo were completely undamaged. 

(Side note: if A had been in arms or on my hip we could both have been seriously hurt- I wouldn't have had hands free to break my fall, and I fell forward walking across and down an incline near water. A pram or stroller would have splashed. She was absolutely unhurt and in fact exclaimed "that was FUN!" as I examined my wounded knee and wiped blood off my chin.)

This is pure awesome. And it's made by people who know their stuff. Ilse is a Babywearing consultant and Judith an experienced wearer and enthusiast. They are clearly aware of textile and fibre properties and are approaching wearing from a fashionable and utilitarian viewpoint. I loved the feel of Red Hot and it's absolutely worth the breaking-in efforts - the Egyptian cotton complements the linen support with cush and fluffiness, and the effect is very luxe in feel. I am already coveting their birds on a wire! 

The best part? I get to give one away! PinkNova is launching on June 19th and I have a voucher for one Red Hot Kiss in my hot little hands... Ready to send anywhere in the world! keep an eye on my Facebook page....


  1. Wow!!! How have I only just found you?!!!
    This would be fab for my little girl 😃

  2. Love the kisses. I'd even use this with my boys