Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mimi Wraps Mei Tai review

Who is Mimi Wraps?

Sisters Naomi and Jessica are the hearts and hands behind these simple and stylish mei tais.
You can find them on Facebook here:, or check out their full range of standard and toddler MT here:
These lovely carriers have colorful bodies (yes, customs are available) and super-comfortable 26cm-wide wrap straps made from colimacon et cie woven cotton twill - great at softening quickly and spreading for supportive tie-offs. 

I like their simplicity- there's no structure or padding on the waist, making it very flexible for sizing and easy to apron for little babies (the lower limit is 8lbs) so the body can be made shorter than it's maximum 46cms and fit snugly. 
^rolled waist to shorten the body panel.

The body panel is 39 cms at base and then slims and tapers inward (making a narrower seat available for babies on the lower end of the weight range). It's easy to see that the wrap straps are sunk well into the body and X-boxed properly.  Audrey is of course near the upper weight limit of 35lbs/15.5kgs and we got a good ride out of this standard-size mei tai using the wrap straps to broaden her seat. She fitted into the body of this carrier very comfortably and securely. 

With my 9lb demo baby, I found flipping the shoulders was necessary to ensure a snug fit and good support to the nape of the neck. It's simple enough to apron the carrier to ensure the body is a suitable height to keep baby visible and kissable. 

Mimi Wraps are making great simple carriers at an accessible price ($126) and in a style to suit everyone. (Also, their doll mei tais are beyond gorgeous and just as impeccably sewn- Audrey was thrilled with her very own! If you have an enthusiastic mini-wearer in your home these are kind of the cutest thing ever ;))

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