Thursday, June 25, 2015

Baranka Rose Wings - Review

These beautiful icy blue roses flew all the way from Hungary to wrap their shimmery combed cotton wings around us!

 Baranka Slings is a small family business focused on creating beautiful designs at budget prices. You can find them on Facebook or check their new online store - right now they have some amazing opening prices and you can score a wrap for as little as $90AUD/70USD/19 000HF

Weighing in at 240gsm and with a pleasant fluffiness, Rose Wings is a nice starter wrap with a gentle texture (see all those roses? When washed you get a slight Velcro effect to help passes stay put) and easy to use after a single wash. 

In hand this feels very similar to Oscha combed cotton, and is certainly soft enough for a new baby. At 73 cms wide, it's absolutely enough for a generous seat with my 3yo but not overwhelming with a small baby. It's going to be floppy and gorgeous in just a couple weeks. 

We rocked it in a FWCC with the passes spread a little for some extra support (I AM wrapping 15kgs of three-year-old!) and I was perfectly comfortable.

The next test was a double hammock on the go, and this was surprisingly good! Given that I was wrapping cowering under the boot of my car and then power-walked through a rainy carpark... then an hour of errands and groceries and back out to the rain, Rose Wings was a comfortable and supportive wrap that didn't dig or sag. I kinda even love the pastel!

Basically, these are beautiful wraps that are sturdy and perform very nicely on a shoestring budget. Recommend.