Sunday, June 14, 2015

Oonlamoon's handwoven Laimai ring sling review and... GIVEAWAY!

Okay, so I've reviewed Oonlamoon handwovens before... Laimai has impressed me just as much as Svethmegh and Eri did!

This is a colorgrown cotton (that's a fancy way of saying undyed) that is somehow simultaneously rustic and very sophisticated. It's unmistakably artisanal, and like the handspun weft that made Svethmegh a fluffy cloud of support and cushiony softness, Laimai's textile quality is textured and complex. 

After a wash and iron, this still felt beastly and cardboardy; I spent a solid ten minutes twisting it and running through a spare ring to start the fibers loosening before I even attempted to thread it. 
Audrey is right on 15kgs, and after half an hour of cuddling into me and chatting while I took some photos and handled a phone call, she fell asleep. And stayed asleep a good ninety minutes. 

The gathered shoulder was a good support and this has all the cush you could possibly desire. I'm twisting it around banisters as we speak and have the following suspicions: 
In a couple of weeks, this will be a divine cloud. 
It will never run through the rings like an easycare, but it doesn't have to. 
This is a sling you set up nicely, pop baby in, and then snug up the top rail and the seat. Done. Then it never moves again. 

Laimai is not a beginner's RS (unless you are prepared to do a lot of breaking in first!) but it is brilliant with older babies and big kids. Supportive, elastic, very light in hand, generally amazing. The quality of the weaving is excellent and I only found a thread change because I was REALLY looking for it. The sewing is impeccable and the price is fantastic - not much more than a lot of machine-woven wrap conversion ring slings. Unfortunately, Oonlamoon is not available to the U.S. or Canada at this time (unless you have a sweet Aussie friend to ship to you!), but stay tuned. 
You can shop the collection HERE and stay up to date with new releases HERE... and very shortly, WIN one HERE!


  1. What a great review!! I would so love to try Laimai, I have been so impressed with Oonlamoon thus far! Their wraps are so incredible and unique!

  2. Lovely review thanks for the great information.

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