Friday, September 4, 2015

Nunamoochie handwoven - diamond weave Sea Glass

I've had the pleasure of meeting a few plain weave Nunamoochies now, so when they mentioned a diamond weave was in the works... Happy days! 

In cool tones of mint, coral and light pearl grey with a natty weft, sea glass is lovely and thin in hand while having the kind of sturdiness and tensile support I've come to expect from Nunamoochie. 

Diamond weave often feels a little more open and breathable to me, and I hunk this would make a lovely lightweight woven for summer months - it really didn't need any breaking in and was quite workable after a single wash, perfect for small babies and (with a bit of spreading the passes) quite fantastic for 15kg 3yos too ;) 

This has a light grippiness and the weave
fluffs enough to cush shoulders a little. I was careful to tighten strand by strand and spread tension evenly. Thin wraps often ask a bit more of our wrapping technique, but the snug and precise wrap jobs you can create are fantastically comfortable.
In conclusion: Nunamoochie are producing great quality handwovens at value-for money prices. The consistency of their weave is very good and I've only come across a couple of skips and flaws - normal handwoven beauty marks - in the bunch I've encountered. Sea glass is a gorgeous neutral that will serve warm climates perfectly. 


  1. Hi Chelsea, my friend Robin has lent me a wrap of yours, well, YOU have lent it to me, and I wanted to say thank you so much!! I am very grateful. I am really excited to get bubs into it. Your videos are wonderful, thank you :) Heidi

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