Friday, September 25, 2015

Mokosh-wraps - Eywa Nephredil review!

When Amata contacted me about testing a Mokosh wrap, I wandered over to her Facebook page to see what was what (go have a look: and my eyes just about leapt from my head. 

Luscious color. Completely saturated and rich, in citrus, sherbet, jewel tones that pop. And the blends sound pretty tasty too- Mokosh is incorporating cashmere, merino, linen, mulberry silk and cotton into a variety of jacquards at varying price points, so don't be scared ;)

After using one of their silk/cotton/linen blends in a size 4, I can assure you of the following: you don't need bulky/thick/heavy wraps to wrap a heavy child. 

Stunning Eywa Niphredil is tagged as 
35% mulberry silk/16% linen/49% cotton, and I make it to be about 230 gsm post wash and wear. 

Carrying 15kgs/34lbs of child, I expected dig, but what I actually got was a great second-skin ruck that was divine on warm spring days and had a lightly spongy texture that stretched veeeeeery nicely into taut chest passes and snug top rails. 

The pattern doesn't have a lot of loft, and second passes glide easily (hey, thanks silk!), but the linen holds firm and I never got sag, just a nice feeling of stretch and accommodation. 

Although there was a little stiffening after subsequent washes, this was easy enough to break in and friends with smaller babies (under 6mo) have liked its ease and supportiveness. 

My favorite carry with this was DH rebozo - so easy to finish with a slip knot and I got a secure and nicely spread carry every time. 

If you are a fan of color without wearing a whole rainbow, this is definitely one for you. (Audrey has asked me many times for the "Tur-kwoo-oise spirals"...)