Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Liliputi Mama Coat review

Liliputi is my friend! Check out their amazing mama-coat - and it looks just as good WITHOUT a child enclosed as with - fitted, fleecy, waterproof, and with handy-dandy zips for easy onning and offing - very, very smart! 
(If you would like to see it in action, click here and watch a little video)
Folk birds is a rich burgundy ox-blood kind of brown that just says autumn. The pockets and hood are  lovely contrast and can be fastened open or shut as you prefer.

Check the construction!

What's the deal with those crazy underarm zips? Well, I can tell you that they make getting a snug fit in a back carry MUCH easier - and if you're walking briskly and feel yourself getting a touch warm, you can add a little ventilation ;) The invisible zips extend from the elbow to the bottom of my ribcage, and made a BIG difference to snug tailoring. Nice feature - and if you don't like it, simply don't use it!

What's this? The inside view. Micro polar fleece inside water resistant, windproof and breathable soft shell makes this absolutely snug and perfect for freezing winter nights in the middle of a paddock while a fire blazes (us crazy Australians and our idea of "fun"...)
Here you can see the way the back comes apart - solid collar and top panel, and a fully baffled zip that means no cold spine with baby is snuggled on your front or just absent. 

Note the double-ended zip ;)

I don't do hoods. Except when it's raining, and then this type of hood that actually STAYS on one's head is very useful. I seem to be incapable of carrying an umbrella, so the adult and baby hoods that work with this are a great practical design.

I road-tested this with a 4kg newbornish demo doll and check out the cinching in the front panel! No-one is getting cold feet. If you are REALLY planning ahead or find yourself with a baby on the way, you can also purchase a maternity insert which cinches beautifully around your bump and has a much narrower top so you (a) don't look ridiculous and (b) stay warm. 

Check out the longevity - same panel, 16kg 3yo in a front carry. No cinching required now!

Same child, different day, BACK CARRY! Yup, child in a ruck, coat on, bolt across town to story time, warm, dry and only 2 minutes late. 

I had to include this last terrible photo because as I took it Audrey was declaring how much she liked being snuggled in where it was warm. 

What's the verdict? Completely classy, fantastic quality. Great investment that will last you across your whole baby wearing life and still look good sans panels when you're not carrying a small one. Very tailored and sleek cut; I would size up if you are a fan of buckle or soft structured carriers, especially if you like bulk in your padded straps. Does exactly what it says - great for blustery walks along the beach paths in the middle of winter, and very adjustable to accommodate small/young babies safely. I very much like the baby hood and neck warmer for older babies but I forgot about it BEFORE putting coat on, and travelling solo it's a bit impossible.

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  1. Do you think it would work for a tandem front/back carry (using the insert)?