Monday, July 18, 2016

Nona Juno Caelestis review

Juno Caelestis is from the range of Nona wraps that's a LOT softer and more malleable than the first batch I met. Let me say right now that they're a great budget buy - Start Well Babywearing has them in stock at $102 aud for a size 6 - and for their wrapping qualities I'd be snapping one up.   

Juno has a nice amount of grip - you may think it a little rough after a first wash, but it's become friendlier and easier to work the second pass with time. Nona wraps do come prewashed and preshrunk, but I like washing a wrap and letting it airdry.

 I found that the loft of the pattern really relaxed and became an asset holding a reinforcing pass in place. Also, how lovely is the monochrome contrast?! 
At 280gsm, this felt dense without being beastly, and had a nice cush on my shoulders. It's all-cotton and very easy-care. We possibly had a small mishap with soy sauce and I just chucked it in the wash when we got home (I don't have time to baby wraps!) and pulled it out to line-dry when done. 

This performed really well with an 18kg child. I tend to prefer multi-layer carries now, but this is absolutely fluffy enough to make an excellent shortie and I admit there were a couple of hasty rucks smashed out - no stress!

Easy to tie, easy to tighten, great amount of grip and not a lot of work to break in (I washed a couple times,  left it twisted up for a day, and let Audrey use it as a hammock on our dining table). I think these would make fantastic wraps to use from newborn -they're only 65 cms wide (which I still found quite enough to make a nice seat) and will certainly continue to be supportive as your little one becomes big. You can read about my other encounter with a Nona here :)

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