Monday, July 18, 2016

NANA Australia Babywearing poncho

Things I have learned:On a dodgy autumn/winter day it will invariably begin to rain when walking home. Often it's not THAT cold here, so we just get uncomfortably damp and bedraggled, because who can be bothered lugging a coat around JUST IN CASE. 

You know those resourceful people who always have a little foldup rain poncho in their bag and stand around smugly while everyone else is shivering? I JUST BECAME ONE. Nana Australia is making waterproof ponchos that work easily for back and front carries - you just change the adult hood's snap settings and HEY PRESTO!

It's kind of hard to take decent photos in light, drizzly rain, but I think you get the idea - go have a look at it in action in this little video here.

The poncho is a full circle one-size-fits-most that velcros to secure sleeves or can be left as a free full circle. Obviously it works with every carrier! The hoods and slot for baby can be cinched to keep you both dry, and there's a handy pocket for bits and bobs. If you're constantly braving sports or big-kid activities in all-weather this is a great solution to roll up and keep in the bottom of your bag :)

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  1. Hi, hope;you don't mind me writing but Nana Australia is just a resaler, the maker is Europen (Hungarian to be precise)
    (And with thediscount code Lili you get 10% discount on any of their products ;))