Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nona Woven wraps review

Prepare yourself: I ALWAYS forget anything vaguely resembling a bloom shot, because I'm usually far too keen to get things washed, but HUZZAH! This Nona all-cotton arrived on a quiet day from local stockist Startwell Babywearing, and as you read on I'd like to you keep in mind this is a budget woven - a size 6 will take a measly $102AUD out of your bank account.  

 Pre-wash... and post. You can see that texture has lifted a little, and my folding skills lack rather a lot to be desired.
There's no denying it: Palmae Antigua is a beast. Coming in around 275g/m, it's a mid-weight wrap which will want some loving (below is my lazy twist-and-leave method, where I coil wraps in on themselves and leave for a few hours before beating out and twisting the other way).

 After a few twists I may have jumped around on it a bit (I wanted to take it out! BREAK IN FASTER!) which is really fine as long as your floor is clean and the soles of your feet are too. Think of it a bit like treading grapes into wine.

We have LIFTOFF! I am a big fan of freshwater double hammock. The passes don't fall off my shoulders, it doesn't take as much messing around as a saltwater finish, and there's plenty of support. First wrap in this felt pretty crunchy, but my 16 kg 3yo was up for an hour and it didn't dig, didn't sag, and didn't require retightening or adjusting.
There's plenty of grip to be had from the leafy fern pattern and inexperienced wrappers may want to really perfect their front carries before trying a back carry, because the second pass takes a little care to get across snugly and evenly. Once it's there I promise it will velcro into place!

I absolutely LOVED the width of this - at 68cms, it's not overwhelming, but there's plenty of width for a nice seat.

We headed down to the beach one night for pho and guess what came with us...

Turns out to be just as good in a reinforced ruck with the passes spread.
 Tromping along the boardwalk I decided this has a nice spring. It's absolutely sturdy enough for your heavy toddlers and small children, and it's become much softer after a couple weeks of being loved on, so don't despair!
The color scheme is fresh and lovely, and Audrey has asked for the turquoise ferns on a few occasions, so I guess the color speaks to her as well!

You can see it in action here -



  1. Would you recommend this wrap for someone carrying their toddler. She is my first and I only really have about 3/4 carries down and I am used to dealing with a SUPER soft Kokadi wrap. Would you recommend me learning how to break in this wrap for further experience and learning to deal with different textures and thickness / weights of wraps?

  2. I have this wrap and am having trouble breaking it in. I have twisted it like you have. Washed it about 4 times stuck it in the dryer with our ring sling a few times (same brand of ring sling and both feel think and slightly stiff still) i have worn our girl in the ring sling but it digs into the back of her legs deeply and leaves deep red marks. I have not tried the woven yet. How soft should it feel when broken in?

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