Sunday, February 14, 2016

Buzzidil SSC/Buckle carrier review

What is this? Buzzidil's XL carrier - a soft structured/buckle carrier that accommodates up to 18 kgs (nearly 40 lbs) and cinches to fit petite wearers very nicely. With woven cotton on the outside and inner (this conforms and curves beautifully) this is a well-constructed carrier boasting plenty of features without being overwhelming!
Specs: Waist belt is 14 cms /5.5 inches deep and padded section is 63 cms/25 inches wide. Extends to a max of 140 cms/55 inches. You can see I got a great fit with the waist belt sitting well on my hips without sagging or bunching.

Shoulder straps feature safety buckles requiring two hands - a good choice, given that this is a toddler carrier and sometimes small fingers can be surprisingly strong when playing with clips and buckles! The waist buckle does not have a safety button and can be unclipped with one hand. I found this was a smart feature, as I prefer to lower my 16 kg/36lb child "through" the carrier after unclipping the waist belt.
Shoulder straps have dual extenders and can be cinched to a minimum 43 cms/17 inches (that's using the perfect fit adjusters as well) or let out to a maximum 100 cms/39 inches. If you require a snugger fit or more support the straps CAN be crossed. The chest belt will slide up and down as required -  I prefer it quite low in a front carry but has to adjust it much higher when back carrying!
The chest belt will slide up and down as required -  I prefer it quite low in a front carry but has to adjust it much higher when back carrying!I was very appreciative of the dual adjusters on the shoulder straps - often I can't QUITE manage a snug back carry, so this was fantastic.
Body panel is 49 cms/19 inches wide at the base, which is plenty of support even for long 3 yo legs! At 44 cms/17 inches high you can see it hugs a 3.5 yo, 16 kgs Audrey quite snugly up to her armpits, and she was able to nestle arms in as well.

What are those funky antennae things? Toggles to narrow the body panel for use with a smaller child - in conjunction with the extra webbing strap provided by Buzzidil, it is possible to adapt the carrier for use from a manufacturer-listed 3.5kg/7.7lbs. While I would not purchase this carrier for primary use with an infant - I think it does a fantastic job of accomodating children between 8 and 18 kgs (18-39lbs) and is an excellent toddler/child choice - I do like that option to use with a smaller child is available and the appropriate tools and instructions are provided to make this safe.
Overall: Great carrier. Love the design, found it well-proportioned and measures well for plus-size and petite wearers. Buzzidil offer a range of fabrics and styles in hoods which allows you to get a customised SSC straight from the manufacturer - highly recommend! (You may wish to follow them on Facebook ... and you may want to watch MY Facebook page for something special too!)