Sunday, February 7, 2016

Soul Slings Ring Sling review

Would you like the short version?
Soul Slings rock. That may sound a teensy bit biased, but I don't even care. Almost a year ago, Chinmayie got in touch and asked me to review a double layer linen ring sling  - well, I was impressed by the product and the production, and I've sung their praises ever since.
(a) they are a BCIA member company with a social conscience, employing and enabling locals and sourcing materials ethically and in compliance with fair trade laws.
(b) their carriers are good. Safety-tested, certified and then test-run by babywearers before public release.
(c) their carriers are incredibly affordable, even accounting for shipping from Bangalore.

Right now I'm working my way through their range of carriers - this is the handwoven cotton version of their ring sling. Mauve is a single-layer, fine-grained handwoven cotton, 68 cms wide and 2.15m from rings to end, with a simple gathered shoulder. It has broken in quickly and has a flat, pliable texture, very lightweight and quite easy to pass through rings.

Yes, it stands up to Audrey's weight (she maxes out the recommended 15kg) and accommodates a newborn or smaller baby with ease. Ring slings are great quick, compact carriers that work from newborn to child well, and make front and hip carries a single-hand or hands-free breeze.
What will you pay for a Soul Sling? Retail on THIS particular is 2,000INR, plus shipping to your part of the world. Today, that's $42AUD, $30USD, 20GBP... you get the picture. You can find a variety of slings on the website in single-layered linen, double-layered linen, a thicker handwoven cotton (review coming soon) and this lightweight cotton ranging between $30-$90AUD.

I made a speedy little video so if you're thinking of buying one as a new baby gift... look no further!

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