Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yaro slings - review

Yaro Slings is the budget version of Solnce, (49€ or about $75 aud!) and after playing with this lovely, I think I'm going to start recommending them as one of my favorite beginner-friendly wraps.

 The only thing it's missing is a teaching rail to help new wrappers avoid getting their wrap in a twist.

 Aesthetically, I love it. Calm, gender-neutral, not fussy or busy. This is a thin wrap (around 230 gsm) with a tiny knot and I did think it might be a stretch with 34lbs/14kgs on board, but no. 

I think the easy crumple and lightweight weave make it FEEL like a wrap suitable for newborns, and with very little grip, there's no fighting required with passes. 

I took it to a meet on Friday and this was the perfect wrap to help a mama with a 7lb 4wo wrap for the first time- she got a sleek FWCC wih bunched passes that sat snugly and won't fry anyone in our scorching Aussie summer. It's also a great wrap for multi-pass carries - a DH was easy to tighten strand by strand and I got the most impeccably smooth chest pass (of course, while out and camera-less...).

 Love it and VERY pleased to be offering one size 6 to help you start your stash or enable someone else's! The post to comment on is on my Facebook page - Just look for the Yaro pic! 

Edited to add: here we are again now that Audrey is nearly 16kgs and 3.5yo. 

This all-cotton has been loaned out many times and it's still a comfortable and sleek wrap job with my bigger kid ;) passes are easy to maneuver and the lightweight weave has proven itself beginner-friendly many times. 
Winner winner. 

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own. 

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