Monday, December 29, 2014

Joy and Joe - the luxe version! A quick review and a GIVEAWAY!

Hold onto your hats. We're finishing 2014 in style - Joy and Joe are sending out a size 6 cashmere/merino/egyptian cotton maxi roses luxe to one of YOU. Retailing at £175, this tri-blend is fantastic choice for winter, in rich reds and dulcet ivory.

The exact blend is premium grade red cashmere 25%, merino-wool 25% and Egyptian cotton 50% ... sound luxe yet? Wool is wonderful for newborns right through to toddlers, and having had a Joy and Joe woollie here, I can vouch for their softness and cushy support.

Maxi Luxe tips the scales at 285gsm and is 66cms wide, similar to early Pavos (Penumbra) and a lot of Didymos Indios - great for beginning wrappers who can find themselves a bit overwhelmed by wider wraps like Diva Milanos or Kokadi.

While I haven't stuck my claws in one of these yet, the fibre blend plus weave structure (roses are given texture with an embossed twill, background is plain single weave) suggests this will be airy and passes will not have a lot of grip. Please remember it will need hand washing as wool doesn't take kindly to agitation! I believe there may be something of a sale on at the minute... (check Joy and Joe's Facebook), but if you want one for free just find the photo on my Facebook and leave a comment to enter!

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own. 

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