Saturday, December 13, 2014

Silver Lining Slings; Pipe Dreams Kabocha - Review and GIVEAWAY!

Silver Lining Slings is a North Carolina wrap company established in 2013 by mother Sonia Parrella. Together with designer Claire Stanhope, they're producing slings with a clean stylistic aesthetic that appeals as much to baby wearing dads as to mothers - and with some neat experimental fibres, like the silverspun that is ACTUALLY silver and naturally antibacterial. They have some neat goals and ideals, like staying sustainable, being committed to paying it forward and supporting charitable organisations, utilising local industry and promoting the benefits of babywearing in all its forms and variations, not just the ones that use a whopping piece of their (beautiful) fabric. I'm all about grassroots and education, so a company that's pushing THESE goals - brilliant. Ok. Their wraps.

Packaging is divine. Wrapped in printed furoshiki and including comprehensive instructions, this is delicious to unwrap. Audrey promptly commandeered our furoshiki and has declared she'd like a dress made from it, so thank you for your furoshiki design, Emily Sanford!

While the wraps I have in hand are all-cotton, they are marshmallowy and delicious with just a little washing and wearing; the color contrast is clean and sharp, and yes - my husband had NO reservations about grabbing "that orange one!" when heading out of the house with Audrey.

 Weighing in at about 280gsm, Pipe Dream Kabocha (you can see others from the collection here) is a medium wrap that wraps true to size and has a nice amount of grip. 

I played around with some sling rings and was really happy with its mouldability and density - enough cush to ruck Audrey with, but not so much that I overwhelmed an 8kg demo doll in a BWCC with fancy ring finish :) 

We road tested a variety of carries - and with a 15kg/34lb toddler this stood up very well in FCC, FWCC, DH, and plain ole' ruck, rocking to sleep, cuddling away a bump, and hiking through the shops.

Wrapping a multilayer carry I found that the flat blocks in the pattern let Pipe Dream's passes slide pretty well. It's a nice fusion of visual aesthetic and textile function. 

Happily, I have a Pipe Dreams Kabocha to give away - one size 6 wrapped beautifully in its furoshiki (I hid it from Audrey!) ready to roll up to your doorstep - maybe even in time for Christmas!

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own. 

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