Monday, January 26, 2015

Wrapamore's Muslin ring sling - review and giveaway!

Wrapamore is a pair of UK mamas making affordable, simple and lovely ring slings - now, before you read on, please remember that 'muslin' is a little different in the UK and Australia, and I promise that these are perfectly suitable, safe and comfortable for their intended purpose (Wrapamore suggests babies to toddlers 3.5 - 15kgs, and at the top end of that range we were very comfortable!)

Lucie Mann (British Association Of Babywearing Instructors registered & fully insured BabyWearing Consultant) and Victoria Herbert (qualified with Slingababy school of babywearing as a consultant) have done a superb job of putting an inexpensive, well-made and user-friendly sling on the market.

Made of two layers of very light and breathable woven cotton (with a single seam, so still easy to adjust), Wrapamore's muslin is a grippy sling that adjusts well through industry-standard aluminium rings.
New users will need to take care to keep their rails well distinguished, but if you feel around for the seam or notice that you have the long rail threaded on top, for example, you'll be fine.

You can see that with my newborn demo doll (4.5kgs) I've used the sling with a flip in the back, which helps to keep baby high and tight without a lot of adjusting, and I wore Demi for around an hour just to prove to myself that there was no slipping, bunching, or sagging. 

I've got to comment on the instruction booklet, simply because it was SO comprehensive and easy to follow. Including TICKS and step-by-step points, with a photo for each, and a really clear and concise explanation of each step. Is it crazy to say I would nearly buy this sling for a new wearer JUST based on the instructions enclosed?

While I quite like wearing with a flip in the back for a small baby, it wasn't SO great with my 2.5yo, and I found that unthreading the RS and wearing it the usual way was a much more comfortable approach. You can see below how suitable this is to warm weather - through two layers you can faintly see Audrey's pink tee and dark leggings :)

Verdict: The only thing that could make this better is a contrasting rail, and if you purchase a dyed sling from Wrapamore or add a custom dye job then that's a done deal. Given that there is a seam down one side of the sling it's not HARD to tell top from bottom, you just need to be a little observant. 

After a couple washes I'm really looking forward to loaning this to a mum with a new baby, as it's very soft, light and totally newborn-friendly. I wouldn't buy it if you only have a three-year-old, but hey, who REALLY wants to carry their big kid in a ring sling for long anyway? 
Moreover the price (27.50 GBP, which is currently about $54 AUD or $42USD) makes these a bargain option and ideal for a baby shower gift. They're about to add international post for 10GPB or if you're in Australia you can buy direct from Gold Dust Baby ;) 
 I'm very glad to be giving one of these away and stoked to see a quality bargain option on the market. 

Please note that I have not been paid to write this review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own. 

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