Saturday, March 22, 2014

Review- Pavo Gotham

Gotham is a striking design and Brick's high-contrast colorway makes this the perfect wrap to flip and wear right OR wrong side out.  

Out of the bag Gotham was quite stiff and not at all malleable, which scared me a little. However, after a wash the fibres tightened and relaxed all at once - this felt very textured and bumpy, but a few twists and a brief hammocking later it's a cushy cotton with a nice amount of grip and texture. Getting the second pass to spread well is a little challenging, but once it's there it locks in beautifully. 

With a 27lb/12kg toddler this all-cotton is cushy and supportive. It doesn't dig at all and it's fluffed up a little more with subsequent washings. I would choose a smoother-textured wrap for a very new baby, but broken-in, Gotham doesn't disappoint. 

(Just briefly... I love the very Australian Aboriginal feel of this wrap. It's like wearing a piece of art.)

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