Friday, March 14, 2014

Review and GIVEAWAY - Pavo Espalier

Espalier is geometric perfection. 

Yet again Pavo has created an all-cotton that doesn't sag, only stretches and then - stops. In a size six, this wrap rocks my socks. After the recommended cool wash, it came up lightly textured thanks to the large-scale pattern. I nearly broke my no-ironing rule. Then I shrugged, twisted it a couple times and - BAM - my overtired toddler snuggled her 12 kilos/27lbs into me for a bit over two hours of shopping, errands, and walking. 
In a DH this rocks my socks. Measuring in at 72 cms wide, there's plenty of wrap to seat the tallest wrappee, but not a lot of bulk on the shoulders or in a bunched pass. After one wash it was cushy, with a forgiving bandage-like stretch similar to Pavo Penumbra, and I think it will break into a very soft and pliable wrap. I have yet to get the exact g/sm, but it punches seriously above its weight.

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