Friday, January 31, 2014

Little frog "Rubin" woven wrap giveaway!

The best thing about having keep calm and carry them on facebook is being able to run giveaways and get baby carriers out there - into lending libraries and local groups, into the hands of mamas without an appropriate carrier, or adding a spare wrap to a personal stash so it can be loaned and loaned again.
A week or so ago Christine Crispe contacted me and asked if I would like to enable her to give away a gently used Little Frog wrap (pictured above). We discussed how it would work and decided that we'd like Rubin to go to someone who is wrapless OR to a lending library.  So there you go! 

Hop over to facebook ( and please tag the person you're nominating (or yourself), or the library you think should receive it. I will use on Monday night to determine a winner and I will pay postage worldwide. 

This wrap is very soft and suitable for babies-toddler. Rubin is an all-cotton and is in perfect condition. Good luck :)

You can check out FWCC with a rainbow Little Frog here. I have loaned this wrap out to so many new families now - the all-cottons break in quite quickly but don't have a lot of diagonal give. They are a great starter wrap that is sturdy enough to carry a toddler but may require a bit of careful spreading over shoulders. I haven't found them to have a lot of bounce or give, but they are a perfectly serviceable wrap at a great budget price. 


  1. I love your blog! & all the different wraps you have

  2. I love having my baby near me. She also loves constantly being near her mommy! Winning a wrap would make our day!