Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Babywearing 101: start here.

I get lots of messages via Keep Calm and Carry Them saying "Hi! I want to wear my baby.  What should I get?" Great question.
Before I can be helpful, here's what I need to ask you:

How old is your baby?

How much does your baby weigh?

How long do you want to carry them for (up to 6mos, 16mos, 6 years?)

Do you have any physical or health issues? Does your child have any physical or health issues?

Are you open to buying different carriers along the way or are you trying to buy one?

What type of use will this carrier get? (mostly school runs, cooking, walking...?)

Will you be the only user or will other caregivers also be using this carrier?

What's your climate like?

Is there a particular carrier you feel drawn to?

How do you see yourself using this carrier? On your front/back/hip/mix?

Whereabouts are you located?

Not all carriers do all things well.
Not all soft structured carriers suit every body type, or every child's build.
Not all carriers are budget-friendly!

I realise there's a lot of options out there and I really do love helping people find optimal solutions for their needs. If you'd like more help, copy and paste these questions and complete- then send it to me at :)