Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Summer's here... and so is a Bali Breeze

Summer options! The last few weeks we have had some days worthy of beach walks and gasp - shorts and tank tops! Of course, this means time for lighter wraps, so out came the Wrapsody range. First up, the Bali Breeze, in Freya.

This is an amazingly supportive wrap for such a lightweight, and yes, it would make my tropical-holiday-luggage-cut.
For starters, it's not so expensive that I'd worry about sweating all over it or losing it. It dried in about an hour flat, so it's going to be fine getting smeared with sunscreen and stuffed in a beach bag. Audrey is currently around 22lbs/10kg, and we did just fine in FWCC, BWCC, and DH (front wrap cross carry, back wrap cross carry, and double hammock). I would not use it in a single-layer carry with my toddler but would happily do so with a newborn... oh HAI perfect summer newbie wrap!

Last point in it's favour - being thin, it's easily tightened and adjusted for a very sleek and well moulded wrap job. It will encourage new wrappers to spread passes evenly and tension strand by strand when wrapping instead of yanking on a whole chunk of fabric (which creates agonising digginess). Any wrap that helps you build skills to become a comfortable and safe baby wearer is a good thing :)


  1. How did you get your hands on this wrap? I have been trying to find a freya in Australia, as the wrapsody stockists don't seem to have this colour in Australia! I don't want to pay $50 in postage from the states either! I have entered your competition so fingers crossed!

  2. This looks lovely and light for a hot summers day.