Friday, March 24, 2017

Agossie Origin Faith

I'm going to throw a few keywords out. From my first impressions opening this amazing package from Agossie headquarters: wow! Luxe - oooh, gift-wrapped, gee, I REALLY like that instruction booklet... and then I got down to the wrap. 


OH MY GOODNESS. It's wool. No, it's cashmere AND lyocell AND mulberry silk. 
(The official stats are actually  53% cotton (35% organic cotton, 18% Egyptian cotton), 31% mulberry silk. 13% lyocell Seacell™ (commonly called seaweed), 3% cashmere. 

In other words, it glimmers like a dream, squishes like cotton candy and wraps like a lush, drapey piece of magnificence. 

Agossie's Origin Faith is actually fit for a queen. And a princess. And wearing my most ripped jeans and mom sneakers, dashing out after work for a quick dinner never felt so glamorous. 


In a size 4, this rocks a ruck wth a big kid like no-one's business. With Cush and spring to spare, my shoulders didn't even think of complaining. It's like wrapping with a stretchy, dense cloud. 
Look at that texture! I am not an ironer of wraps. Actually, of anything. I wash, line dry, and then use as much as possible. Faith has a soapy texture and second passes are not difficult to spread. And I wasn't even phased by the hand washing. (OH, nor does it feel woolly in the slightest). After a single wash this was mouldable and lovely. It has only become even more floppy and friendly with love and use. 

I know, they're far from great photos, but can we all appreciate that this is a single shoulder carry with almost 20kgs? Like I said, Cush for days.  

I wouldn't hesitate to pop a little baby into this - it's a medium-heavy wrap but the weave structure and fiber blend lend themselves to quick snuggly carries and have saved a sloppy ruck here a couple of times. Agossie has dived into the deep pool of textile geekery and come up trumps on blend, weave and aesthetic with Origin, and Faith might just be my new favorite  color. 


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