Monday, May 23, 2016

Bundle Bean carrier cover - Review

I feel like this is how to Babywear at a festival, or late at night when you kind of want child enclosed in a sleeping bag but need to carry them. I REALLY wish we'd had this while camping a couple years back!

It's called a BundleBean, and it works as a pram or car seat cover (OVER the buckled harness) as well. It's waterproof, has a detachable hood, and Velcro elastic tabs make it pretty damn universal and adjustable.
I confess we used it a few times, loaned it out, and then, every SINGLE day it was gone, Audrey asked for "the penguin blanket". It's that damn snuggly.

The best part about it? We don't all have to be the same temperature and it's a portable, flexible option. 

It fits easily over Audrey's car seat; the elastic corners stop it pinging off and her complaining. This would have been super useful with a pram... And then when baby cracks it and you need them in a carrier, pop them up, secure them and then fasten this over the top. You stay dressed, baby has an extra layer. Perfect. Buy ONE cover, use it for all the things. Genius. 

I messed around a few ways - a halterneck/belt style, straps crossed, and back pack style. I also did the loop around straps but found it a bit fiddly. I didn't have any dramas with spiky velcro hooks - they double back onto the loops and stay stuck until you're ready to thread them through the carrier or stick them onto the crossed over strap. Something I ESPECIALLY like about this company (and why I want you to look at their website) is their inclusivity. The BundleBean could easily have been just a baby/toddler product, but instead Emily extended the construction and application of the stretch cover to fit wheelchairs for both children and adults - again, practical, affordable and common-sense clever. If you want cold-weather infrastructure but don't feel that a baby wearing jacket is in the budget or will be of limited use, buy one of these instead and cosy up!


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