Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Almitra Tattva Bohemian Ruby: all-cotton woven wrap review

Almitra Tattva -  sound a little bit exotic?  Made in India, these are like a breath of air - gorgeously lightweight, drapey, and thin. Bohemian Ruby is a rich lavender and black contrast featuring a traditional Indian paisley in panels - looks great in a chest pass!

This wrap came visiting during a warm fortnight and it was absolutely lush to have such a breathable and thin wrap that still offered support and a little cush. I found very little lift in the pattern (Almitra Tattva wraps come prewashed) and subsequent washing hasn't given more texture, just confirmed this as a very silky-feeling all-cotton. 

This was great with Audrey (15kgs) but requires careful wrapping. 
(We do go on rather long walks, and this totally lived up to the journey. I just want to emphasis that it's a skill-builder rather than a "she'll be right" kind of wrap.
It made a wonderful reinforced ruck that finished knotless smoothly and didn't budge. With a smaller demo doll (about 8kgs) it was absolutely divine, buttery soft and mouldable to the extreme.
 I really like thinner wraps for smaller babies - you can get a very second-skin fit and adjust tension very finely, which is ideal when supporting new little bodies. 
Kangaroo is my most loathed carry; I always flip the shoulders wrong or screw up the seat. Guess what: a thinner wrap totally fixed that for me, and I feel like I actually nailed this for once... Again, a thinner wrap made it that little bit easier for me to really adjust strand by strand and be able to fine tune what I was doing instead of relying on a cushy wrap to cover a sloppy attempt ;)

Verdict from a meet I hosted: Wow that's thin, wow that's lovely, I just want to snuggle with it, that's really ORGANIC, oooh what a nice small knot (oh yes, I forgot that!).
Serious bonus: These are a ridiculously affordable wrap - $100 for a size 6 and $12 flat shipping worldwide means you won't be disappointed! I highly recommend you take a browse at their online store - this is certainly not their only beauty!

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