Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wrapahula wovens review

Wrapahula! The very name is sweet and whimsical - and that's just what I got when I opened this cushy, bouncy package from the UK.  You can see their full range of wovens on their website,  and I can tell you all about the Enigma Under the Sea (cute name for this colorway, right?!)

This lovely plush herringbone is like a heavyweight Lisca - lots of move and give in the weave, and a nice firm stretch that is amazing with bigger kids.

After an initial wash, this felt quite stiff and grippy, but some running through sling rings had the weave loosening and showing some cush. I tend to just use wraps, but I admit this was a couch cushion for a couple days and took some twisting!
Weighing in at a beefy 356gsm (and 67cms wide) this is dense but very mouldable and breathes nicely (thanks herringbone weave!). I found it compacted down with a feeling of settling? Like sitting on a mattress and feeling it take your weight. Not a fluffy wrap, but supportive and rock-solid. 

The nature of herringbone makes it easy to work a multi-pass carry; the fabric doesn't really have texture until weight settles into it and pulls it taut. So this was an easy double hammock wrap with a snug chest pass and easily spread second pass. 

 FCC is not my favourite carry! I often find it inconvenient to tighten and adjust so top rails stay taut. The density of Under the Sea softened the blow and was an easy shoulder flip to lock the top rails in place.

 FWCC with a poppins finish is a supportive carry with a nice twist on the regular FWCC. Again, having a thicker wrap means I can be less picky with my tightening and still be very comfortable (sh! it feels like cheating!) Carrying a 15kg child is a totally different ballgame to a baby; I tried this with a couple demo dolls (4 and 6 kg) and they were basically weightless. If you are planning to use with a small baby you may want to invest a little more work in your breaking-in game, as you really want those fibres to mould and conform to baby's body.
 My conclusion? Lovely wraps. Good price point. A maker who's been in the carrier game for some time and who understands what makes a carrier comfortable. Win. Win. Win.

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