Thursday, October 29, 2015

Oonlamoon Sakura ring sling review

Is the name Oonlamoon ringing any bells?
 I have had a few of their beautiful handmade (and I really DO mean handmade, even the yarn is handspun!) and organically dyed textiles here. (Read more here:
If you want one ring sling to take you from newborn to kiddo, I highly recommend you get your hands on one. 
Like Laimai, Sakura is downy, cushiony cotton that feels fluffy in hand and becomes blanket soft very quickly. With washing and use the weave lifts and becomes airy and cloud like - little babies are weightless and big ones are supported with an elastic cush. 
My Svethmegh oonlamoon wrap has visited many families who wanted a
"big kid" wrap because it's forgiving on the shoulders yet malleable and easily manipulated. Sakura is just the same- fresh from the package, it felt thick and unwieldy, but after a wash, dry, iron and some running through rings, this is a lovely and dependable carrier. 

Oonlamoon slings are sewn with a simple gathered shoulder - very easy to adjust for most body types. If you prefer to thread your ring sling with a twist to cap your shoulder more this will create a very padded and snug shoulder.

You can see here with my newborn weight doll that it's very easy to get a secure and snug carry with a minimum of effort. 
I've mentioned before that all oonlamoon wraps are ethically produced and use organic dyes, but isn't it nice to know that you're supporting a small company that has a conscience? 
Make sure you have your stalker fingers ready - these are highly limited and once the run is sold, it's gone! 

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